Step to Step for the Race Morning

Here is just a basic overview of what your morning should look like:

  • When you wake up, try to imagine yourself running across the finish line. Imagine that ecstatic feeling you will get as you cross. Smile, even if you are the opposite of a morning person.
  • Drink some water or tea. Hydration is essential. I have already talked about that.
  • Eat a good well rounded breakfast, even if you don’t usually eat breakfast remember that you will need more energy than you usually need. Try to avoid dairy products, while they are very nutritious they also cause cramping and those hurt very bad.
  • Go to the bathroom. The porta potties are nasty and they have really long lines. If you dont care about rancid and overused porta potties then be my guest and use those toilets. But if you are part of the vast majority who can’t stand that foul odor, then I suggest you use your own.
  • Get dressed. Wear clothes that you have ran in before and make sure that your shoes aren’t too old or too new. New shoes will be too stiff and ancient shoes will be too worn in and the soles might be smooth so you may slip.

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